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Welcome to the SLAC Radiation Protection Group

The VSDS Survey Web Viewer provides access to approved VSDS surveys through a web browser.

This Web Viewer requires that the browser support Adobe PDF Reader. If the browser doesn't natively support it and supports plug-ins, please download the free Adobe PDF Reader from the Adobe web site.

Select a location and building/area from the tree structure on the left. From the list of maps displayed, locate the desired map location. Click the “Preview Image” icon to display a thumbnail of the map. Click the “List Surveys” icon to display a list of surveys for the map. Locate the survey you wish to see from the list, and use the “View on This Page” or “View in New Window” options to display the pdf.

Radiological surveys prior to October 2020 are stored in a separate archive. Please contact RPFO if you need access to those surveys.

The latest radiological surveys for the accelerator housing can also be viewed on the Current surveys map